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ABOUT: These are my writings on a variety of topics, many with a political flavor.


"Psycho" Logic - cinema

Norman Bates is a good boy gone bad, though by the time we meet him he is a bad boy gone worse. He has murdered and, just like one of his birds, stuffed his mother, which makes him a sinner and a criminal on the road to becoming a "psycho". Of course, by the time we meet him he already is....continued

"Imitation of Life"- parallel lives - cinema - 1959 a Doug Sirk film

The Douglas Sirk film, "Imitation of Life", made in 1959 and based on a screenplay adaptation of Fannie Hurst’s novel of the same name, tackles and successfully constructs/deconstructs several forms of oppression at once, including white/black, master/servant, male /female and mother/daughter.... If Sirk intended to use his film art to address the serious affects of racism in a America, Lora’s story is the perfect smoke to screen out the fears of a reluctant film industry....continued

Snow White - fairy tale

In comparing the literary version of the Brother’s Grimm fairytale, "Schneewittchen" (Snow-White) with the Walt Disney 1937 animated version, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves", it is clear that Disney changed parts of the original version and successfully perpetuated his own socio-political agenda.... These seven pajama clad dwarves-not dwarves are either a bachelor group house nightmare or they are Disney’s ignorant misunderstanding of cultural groups other than the one he belongs to...continued

Rapunzel - fairy tale

The Rapunzel story, as illustrated by many painters and artists, has done a great deal to promote what have become stereotypical characterizations of senior women as evil witches, "ugly" people as bad, and "pretty" people as innocent and good. Viewing the "Rapunzel Exhibit", currently on display at the National Museum for Women in the Arts was an exercise in tolerance as I observed gray haired, wrinkled, witch after witch, often with a cane, depicted in threatening colors and facial expressions inside the pages of children’s books. Why is it so easy to promote these images of the evil elderly, the wicked "ugly", and the Godly "gorgeous"?...continued

COMING SOON....A Mystery by Tiik

Danny Carlin was the type of guy at 22, who went into restaurants, ordered 5 things in a monotone and was forgotten when he left. Waiters thought him odd but harmless and inconsequential. He wore drab colors, faded pastels, and was so dry in personality that even if he wore a red blazer with yellow checkered pants he would not be noticed. He did not want to be noticed. He dreaded attention.

Attention paid to him was awkward. He was not suspicious of motives as might be assumed. Instead, he was baffled at the logic of the act. He could not understand the sense or sanity of anyone wanting to engage him.

He had nothing to give. Never had. Wanted nothing to give. Was grateful to have been born with nothing to give so he would not have to give it.

Danny was not a loner. He never was more than a single unit and could conceive of no more than himself. He was simply selfish. He felt interrupted by any attempt to engage him. He was like a computer with no input jack and no programming to translate or relate to input. His eyes observed, his ears recorded. He laughed and cried. He was just at a loss for recognizing the connection between others and himself ....unless he initiated the contact.

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