I love reconnecting with old friends. This is a place for that to happen. I am still building this part of my site and plan to have a bulletinboard for us to communicate through. In the meantime, and as always, you can email me. (tiik@aol.com)

Let me know what you've been doing with your life. I know people from many places, so I made a list below to help jog your memory. If you are on the list or we knew each other from any of the places listed below, give me a holla'.


  1. – Oyster School back in the day
  2. – Broad Acres Elementary School
  3. – Northwest Park Apartments...I ran into Bernice Shaller
    1. ...the Bishop's - Michael, David, Cindy, Alison, Barbara
    2. ...the Ables - Mary Ellen, Billy, Susie
    3. ...Shirley Warren, Teddy Phelps
  4. – Takoma Park Jr High
    1. ...Ella Russ, Linda Carrier, Kitty Wheeler, Adam Kilgore
  5. – White Oak Jr High
  6. – Springbrook High School
    1. ...Nancy Carroll, Fern Myers, Carol Olsen
  7. – White Oak Gardens
    1. ...Linda Cashdollar–Davis, Terry Davis, Tommy Kilroy
    2. ...Diane Mannon, Steve Fitzgerald, Donny Fleming
    3. ...Gary Bowman, Greg Fielden


  1. LONDON – Gail Butler and friends
  2. PARIS – Patty the army brat, Canadians - Caroline Weisner, Janet Busch
  3. AMSTERDAM – Ron Tepper, the guitarist - we were a rock duo


  1. ANAHEIM – Hamburger House Restaurant...Where's Christine?
  2. COSTA MESA – Terry's Village Musicians
    1. (I found Charlie D. and Milo...anyone else out there?)
    2. ...Robin Goodall
    3. ...Glenn Townsend
    1. ...Gigi, my co-worker at Norm's Restaurant on Sunset Blvd. (btw, I waited on Mama Cass when I worked there.)
    2. ...Lenny Capizzi, who co-wrote "Monster Mash" in the '60's.
  4. VENICE – any and all of my buddies from Lizzie Tisch
    1. Lois Webb, Sunny Tepper, Bobbi Jackson, Jackie Furman, Jaime Wildman, Addie, Sherry Barnett, Aida Padovich, Donna Deitch
  5. BERKELEY – any and all BeBe K'Roche buddies and fans
    1. ...my friend who named herself "Flight"
    2. ...Habiba, Sue Halpern, Liz Crain, Max Dashu
    3. ...Michele Rosewoman


  1. ...from Quincy St. NW, Jackie Washington, Sherrie Cohen, Burning Cloud
  2. ...my Chilean friend Marquerita
  3. ...from Food For Thought, Paula Luna Sangre, Rose Demetrius Martin

Hey there!!!

I found some of my old buddies. The links are on the left column <<...over there.

Still looking for many more.

Gimme a holla'!!