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 September 13, 2008
12:35 PM -

Intense Moments, connections, synchronicities, coincidence

That thing happened again.
That thing that tickles most of the time and other times scares me,
makes me shy and wonder why a lyric and a movement match.
"The musician is very close to mysticism, far closer than the philosopher...because music is meaningful without any words;
it is meaningful simply because it rings some bells in your heart...creates a synchronicity between you and itself,
when your heart starts resonating in the same way, when you start pulsating in the same way."
Osho, Philosophia Ultima

synchronicities - coincidence

Have you ever been in the laundromat, you know, thinking about...oh anything,
a voice out of nowhere in you head says, "the purple bobby pin you lost at age ten"
so you're pulling your jeans from the laundry machine,
dropping a damp t-shirt on the dirty floor when a girl says excuse me
cuz she can't get to her clothes while you're blocking the aisle,
she wriggling her nose, she's all grace and smiles, no one's upset
you squish against the washer so she can scoot by and as she passes
something catches your eye
it's a little thin and it's there in her hair, a purple bobby pin
and you smile that thing that tickles.
ok, that was fun, nothing too spooky to make you run.
a sweet reminder of open, and open is not done.
2 days later in Rite Aid looking for a shampoo that won't dry your skin
in a familiar mood, a little bit sad and tired around the rim cuz
you should've been in bed 3 hours earlier last night, nothing's really wrong,
humming an old 40's tune, "...bob bob bobbing along
realizing you need more exercise, you'll go to the gym.
standing in the check out line, someone bumps you from behind,
"Sorry!! Sorry!!! Oh, hi. You again."
She's wearing gym clothes and that purple bobby pin.
Ok, could be fun. Still tickles, hovering on the edge of spooky.
It's a long line at Rite Aid, you decide to tell her about the bobby pin connection.
She totally gets it. She's in no way miffed. Her purple bobby pin was a gift.
You belong to the same gym, you'll see her again. Is this a new friend?
Is this fun? a sweet reminder of open, and open is not done.

Sitting for a very long time watching TV, I decide I need to stand up.
Just as I make my move, Phoebe says to Rachel, "You have to stand up to him."
Ok, that tickles. It's detached. It's not live in person. Nothing scary in the least.
Yes, I can do synchronicity with the TV. I can REALLY do that.
"Coincidence happens as a fact of nature. If you continually roll two dice, once in six they will come up with the same number. Nothing spooky about that.
Coincidences are significant only when they occur more frequently than
chance suggests they should.
Perhaps part of our role in this life is to rediscover our Spiritual essence
after having it hidden from us. Coincidence provides but one signpost along that journey."
I have recently been re-awakened...again.
and I am excited...by the signposts and a little bit afraid.
Frightened to be told to open again, open my mouth to the many again.
I keep having ticklish-sometimes-spooky synchronicities with a stranger friend I respect to no end.
and I am excited...by the signposts and a little bit afraid.
None the less, thank you...for the wave.