Tiik Pollet - vocals, rhythm & lead guitar, writer
Peggy Mitchell - vocals, bass guitar
Jake Lampert - vocals, drums, writer
Virginia Rubino - vocals, keyboard, writer

BeBe K'Roche was a popular all-women's band based in Berkeley, California in the 1970's.

The original band was founded by Tiik Pollet with Peggy Mitchell when they decided to expand their duo act, and showed up at a women's electric jam at a North Beach bar. There they met and were impressed by Jake Lampert who was the drummer for the Berkeley Women's Music Collective. Jake joined Peggy & Tiik in their efforts to get a full band going.

A locally known singer named Shelby (of Shelby & Jim) played guitar with the trio for awhile. Tiik invited Virginia Rubino, who she had formerly played with in Lizzie Tisch, to join the band. Musicians who frequently sat in with the band on percussion included Pat Ramseyer, Matu Feliciano, Sandy Ajida, as well as Cindy Fitzpatrick on flute & saxophone.

The name of the band originated one night when Tiik and Peggy were lounging on the floor of their apartment sipping hot tea and coffee. Peggy looked into her cup and screamed. At the bottom lay a dead baby cockroach. In an effort to use humor to calm Peggy down, Tiik exclaimed, "Ah, mais oui! Look at ze bebe cock roche." A sense of humor and a passion for numerology turned this into the bands name, BeBe K'Roche, which equals the number eleven. MORE