ABOVE PHOTO'S, left to right: BeBe K'Roche on rooftop, Tiik sings;
BeBeK'Roche in Seattle, Jake, Peggy, Gioia, Virginia, Tiik, Kim, Pat in front;
BeBe K'Roche rooftop, Jake on drums


Tiik Pollet - founding member, vocals, rhythm & lead guitar, writer
Peggy Mitchell - founding member, vocals, bass guitar
Jake Lampert - vocals, drums, writer
Shelby - guitar, vocals
Virginia Rubino - vocals, keyboard, writer
Kim Johnson - manager
On April 21, 2009, Peggy Mitchell, bass player for BeBe K'Roche passed away.
She was a precious soul and was dearly loved.
Of the 4 original band members,
Tiik Pollet, Janet "Jake" Lampert and Virgina Rubino are all three alive and well.
BeBe K'Roche was a popular all-women's band based in Berkeley, California in the 1970's. They recorded one album. BeBe K'Roche, 1976, Olivia Records.


The original band was founded by Tiik Pollet with Peggy Mitchell when they decided to expand their duo act, and showed up at a women's electric jam at a North Beach bar. There they met and were impressed by Jake Lampert who was the drummer for the Berkeley Women's Music Collective. Jake joined Peggy & Tiik in their efforts to get a full band going.

A locally known singer named Shelby (of Shelby & Jim) played guitar with the trio for awhile. Tiik invited Virginia Rubino, who she had formerly played with in Lizzie Tisch, to join the band. Musicians who frequently sat in with the band on percussion included Pat Ramseyer, Matu Feliciano, Sandy Ajida, as well as Cindy Fitzpatrick on flute & saxophone.

BeBe K'Roche performed locally around the bay area at a variety of venues, including the Longbranch Saloon, the New Monk, Freight and Salvage, The Wildside West, La Penna, La Salamandra and more. They also performed at a number of women's music festivals.

With the help of road manager Gioia Siciliano, BeBe K'Roche went on a successful road tour of the west coast including stops in Eugene, Oregon, Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington.

Personal conflicts caused Tiik to leave her band before going to wax with Olivia Records. The remaining members invited other musicians to help them complete and tour the album. ......MORE

ABOVE 3 PHOTO'S, left to right:
Lizzy Tisch w/ Tiik & Virginia Rubino, Lois Webb, Sunny Tepper, Gretchen Albright;
BeBe K'Roche rooftop, Tiik & Jake; and most current...2008 Tiik on Amtrak.